Grade Levels

Each classroom and grade level is unique at Brighton. At each level students are captivated with new things to learn and do. Join us for a tour of our school to learn about each grade in detail.

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Kindergarten is full of magic, movement and minute to minute learning opportunities. Our Kindergarteners experience a full day program in a colorful, warm and nurturing environment that is teeming with creativity. Every day is an adventure that brings something to observe, discuss, touch, count, draw or write about.

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First Grade

First Grade is an amazing adventure in creativity and budding independence. This dynamic classroom is alive with energetic rich inquiry based exploration throughout the day. Engaged and productive students are inspired through instruction, interactive curriculum combined with independent work.

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Second Grade

The Second Grade year is full of discovery in an ever expanding world. Students in this grade are developing a deeper understanding of their responsibilities, their community and their place on our planet. Good citizenship becomes a more tangible trait as their comfort within the academic environment grows into a familiar and comfortable setting.

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Third Grade

Third Grade is an exciting year filled with many opportunities and adventures. This room is always alive with animated discussions, laughter and interactive activities. Curriculum and instruction rise to a new level, allowing students to reach different heights in individual skills as well as academic collaboration.

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Fouth Grade

Community, leadership, growing independence, enthusiastic learning, skill mastery and fun are all great descriptors of our Fourth Grade. No matter the unit of study, the room comes alive with collaborative conversations and projects; the details and excitement of which truly infiltrate our whole school.

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Fifth Grade

Every student brings something wonderful to the table every day. Fifth grade students possess a confidence and leadership that are the ultimate role model for the school. Always eager to learn, the upperclassmen of Brighton Schools know the subjects they love and the ones that still challenge them.

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